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services & operations

 Our specialized consultancy and turnkey services for technological innovation and the management of your infrastructure .
Focus Group: Consulenza Strategica per Infrastruttura Digitale Aziendale

digital technology .


We rethink the digital infrastructure with different eyes by bringing technological innovation to all our projects, we are a company certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Affairs as Innovation Manager.

fixed and mobile telecommunications networks .


Analysis, optimization and integration of radio networks, core networks and data networks. Solutions for fixed and mobile network operators with dedicated teams.

Servizi analisi, ottimizzazione ed integrazione di reti radio, core network e reti dati.
Focus Group Consulenza in materia di Cyber Security

cyber security .


We focus on the cyber security of data and technological infrastructures, we use the main SOCs and the best experts, we collaborate with main vendors but, above all, we spread the culture of security among our customers.

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