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start up & growth

Innovative ideas arise, skills shape them, relationships make them become a successful
Nicola Ruggiero
Focus Group Consulenza in materia di Business Plan

business plan .


We transform the ideas into numbers and business plans ready to be funded, they become the guidelines to follow and to deal with to achieve success.

business growth .


You focus on the idea, we help you to turn it into practice and make it grow. We put our expertise and our relationships to manage the creation, development and growth. We accompany you in governance, fundraising and M&A operations.

Focus Group Consulenza in materia di Crescita Aziendale
open innovation .


When the start-up is answer to customer's core business needs, we take care of giving life to the idea on the basis of shared objectives and plans, scouting the market to identify the best initiatives or to create an ad hoc one.

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